Gluteal cleft

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Note: This article is about the aspect of human anatomy. For other meanings, see crack.
Female human buttocks.

The gluteal cleft, also known as intergluteal cleft or natal cleft, is the "crack" between the buttocks that runs from just below the sacrum to the perineum. Its lower end is at the anus. The crack forms the visible vertical border between the external rounded protrusions of the gluteus maximus muscle.

There are many slang terms for it, such as buttcrack, bumcrack, anal cleft, anal crevaise, arsecrack, asphalt, asscrack, carpenter's crack, coin slot, builder's bum, plumber's crack, or credit card swiper.

Accidentally showing butt cracks[edit]

Sometimes the top of a person's butt crack accidentally shows when he or she sits down or bends over. This is usually the case when pants or shorts are loose-fitting, low-slung (e.g. low-rise jeans), or have an elastic waistband. The phenomenon is known as buttock cleavage.

Spectators may find this amusing, embarrassing, or erotic.

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