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Glenn Cook is a science fiction / fantasy author.

Spanking in Cook's Novels[edit]

Garrett Files[edit]

Garrett, meets a young woman named Rose. Rose is presented as a bratty, shrewish woman who tries to bully and threaten Garrett. By chapter 4 Garrett threatens “Unless you’re out of here by the time I finish this cup of tea, I’ll turn you over my knee and give you what your father should have given you when you were still young enough to have some sense pounded into you.”

Later, in chapter 7, Garrett has a run in with an aquantiance who has been hired by Rose to beat him up. Garrett is unable to bribe the other man, but he does manage to hire him to take care of Rose.

“That woman across the street. The one that sicced you onto me. When we’re done here I want you to take her down to the Bazaar, strip her down naked, bend her over your lap, and give her thirty good whack on the backside. Then turn her loose and let her walk home.”



“She wouldn’t get out of the Bazaar, Garrett.”

“There’s another five in it if she gets home all right. But without finding out you’re lookin out for her.”

Saucerhead grinned. “It’s a deal, Garrett.”
  — Book 1, Sweet Silver Blues

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