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Yahoo! GeoCities was a web hosting service founded by David Bohnett and John Rezner in late 1994 as Beverly Hills Internet (BHI). GeoCities offered free hosting of websites, but advertisement which was out of control of the user appeared on these websites. Another issue with GeoCities hosting was limited bandwidth: sites that were very popular, e.g. Handprints, were often unavailable while they were hosted by GeoCities.

Yahoo! closed GeoCities on October 26, 2009[1][2]

Spanking sites at GeoCities[edit]

GeoCities was used for a number of free spanking sites, but many of these were shut down sooner or later by Yahoo!, usually without giving a reason (other than an automated e-mail saying that the Terms of Use were allegedly violated without giving any further details). Yahoo! did not permit adult content, but what counted as "adult" and what doesn't seemed to have been a subjective and sometimes arbitrary decision. Whenever Yahoo! shut down a GeoCities site, they usually did so without any warning and without giving the user a chance to correct whatever part of the site was a problem in the eyes of the host. The entire site was deleted. This practice was sometimes referred to as "nuking".

Spanking sites hosted on GeoCities included

  • Nadia Salem's Rejuve Universe Archive


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