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This is a list of spanking related free sites that do not require membership or AVS verification.

Note: For spanking blogs, we have a separate list. For spanking related web forums and web groups, see spanking web forums and groups. For spanking art oekakis, see spanking oekakis. For spanking related pay sites, see spanking pay sites. For a list of links to free full-length videos available online, see Spanking videos on the Internet.

(Note: Designations are based on wiki user content assessments. Please insert new entries in alphabetic order and include a site description.)

Sites that feature visual arts[edit]

Site By Contents
Art and Spanking - Chross Creative Corner Chross A gallery featuring an assortment of spanking comics, cartoons, and photography.
Spankingdream - Art and spanking stories spankingdream Site with many spanking art and stories on russian language.
Blaire Comix ? A mostly free sex comic site which often features spanking and BDSM of child-like fantasy characters.  Warning: 18+ Note: Malware Warning 12/31/2018
Boys Kingdom Miyuki Kisaragi Japanese boy spanking art. Dead link 9/25/2021.
Boyz Being Boyz Roguebfl A boy spanking counterpart to Handprints.
Chicago Spanking Review Web-Ed Features galleries of spanking art, comics and fiction.
Devonshayde Spankings ? A couple's photos and stories about domestic discipline F/M Dead Link 12/31/2018
Delightful Discipline ? A site featuring mostly F/F drawings and comics.  Warning: 18+. Dead Link 12/31/2018
Déculottées Monsieur No A site about M/F spanking which includes extensive galleries of spanking art and photography (in French) Warning: 18+
Dutch Spanking Site ? Adult M/F and F/F spanking photos, spanking stories and spanking video clips. Also some SM and bondage material.  Warning: 18+ Dead Link 12/31/2018
Encyclopedia of Spanking Art Taira Kibato Adult M/F and F/F spanking art and spanking photos, mostly vintage.
EC's Erotic Art & Fiction EC This site features rendered spanking art as well as spanking fiction by the webmaster and guest authors. Dead Link 12/31/2018
ERIKA's Co.So.Ad. Erika Kyoukousha Japanese anime style bondage art and female spanking art. Non working link 12/31/2018
Fanime Imageboard: Spanking Noman Fubata-style imageboard dedicated to original spanking artwork (both anime and toon based). Broken link 12/31/2018
Fantasy and Fetish ? Over 1000 model photos: adult schoolgirls, female domination, spanking and bondage. Dead link 12/31/2018
Free Spanking Photos Enzo Blog with video stills, no original content. Dead link 12/31/2018
Gifs of Spanking and BDSM Dunkless Blog with many spanking and BDSM animated Gifs. Acept contributions and share source of gifs
Fenekelõs rajzok ? Hungarian web gallery of spanking drawings by various artists. Dead link 12/31/2018
F/M Handspankers ? A website devoted to spanking art in the anime style.
goBDSM ? Large database of spanking and BDSM video clips (same format as Spanking Tube), some with hardcore sex scenes.
Handprints HandPrince An enormous web gallery of girl spanking art. No photos.
Housewives In Charge 'Internet Archive Link' Flatt F/m rendered spanking art featuring femdom themes. Link broken as of 1.9.10
Kevins roter Po Kevin M/M photos and spanking videos. Dead link 12/31/2018
La Fessée conjugale ? Spanking art and writing about domestic discipline. (In French).  Warning: 18+
Lil' Red Bottom's Spanking Page Lil' Red Bottom X/f spanking drawings. Dead link 12/31/2018
Makoto's Spanking Scrapbook Makoto Japanese girl spanking art in anime style.
Miss Jenn Davis, Spanking Dallas D.C. Seattle Miss Jenn Davis, Professional Disciplinarian (F/f, F/m, M/f, M/m spanking art, drawings, cartoons, spanking stories, photo & video  Warning: 18+
Naughty Corner Reks Site devoted to spanking art, fiction, and roleplay. Similar in style and scope to AnimeOTK, but much smaller and lesser known. Dead link 12/31/2018
Nonk Tube ? Large database of spanking & porn videos similar to xHampster and Spanking Tube.
Only Spanking ? Large database of screencap stills from spanking videos (from many major producers) arranged by title, updated daily.
Patty's Gallery of Spanking Erotica Patty Patty's spanking drawings (M/F and F/F).
Ruka's site Ruka Japanese child spanking art, usually bare bottom and OTK, in all pairings (F/f, F/m, M/f, M/m). Dead link 12/31/2018
Sade Bibliografia ? Web galleries of 20th century erotica with a particular focus on BDSM and vintage erotica. (Site Malfunctions as of 6/05/06) Dead link 12/31/2018
Sadoteca SadiK M/F photos and spanking video clips.
SAXON Spanking Web Saxon Spanking related art, photography and fiction. This site is also home to a Spanking related forum. Dead link 12/31/2018
Sore Bottoms for Naughty Boys Nate F/M drawings, photos and photo stories. Please note that this site has limited bandwidth and will be shut down if overloaded  Warning: 18+ Link broken as of 1.6.09
Spanking England Strand Media Reviews U.K. sites and new videos. Malware Warning 12/31/2018 HarbeJoe Marketing LLC Video previews and photos (professional and amateur) plus clips and stories for sale. SpankeR A tube site featuring spanking videos. Dead link 12/31/2018
Spanking Videos SpankeR Site for viewing and uploading spanking videos. ? A tube site featuring spanking videos, which is distinct from the previously listed.
Spanko ? A tube site featuring spanking videos, which is distinct from the previously listed.
Spanm Spanm Adult M/F and F/F rendered spanking art. Interactive slideshows. (In English and German) Warning: 18+
TIGER-REVERIE Kitora66 Japanese spanking stories, manga drawings and animated GIFs. Link broken
Vic's Severe Spanking Drawings Site Vic Drawings depicting severe corporal punishment (spanking, whipping) of minors. Dead link 12/31/2018
Wonderland Kitora66 Japanese and manga style spanking drawings by Cross Chan.

Dead link 12/31/2018

Sites that feature language arts[edit]

Site By Contents
Abel's Spanking Stories Abel Jenkins A classic collection of free spanking stories, mainly schoolgirl, M/f. Dead link 1/1/2019
the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository Multiple authors The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository contains stories posted to Alt.Sex.Stories and Alt.Sex.Stories.moderated, and sub-sites created by the authors of such stories. Far from all of the content is spanking or BDSM related, but a significant part of it is, and several well known spanking authors, including Don A. Landhill and Alex Birch have subsites posted. No advertising or commercial links are permitted on any of the sub-sites. Over 1000 authors are represented
Asexstories stories A huge collection of spanking stories (800+).
Alvaro's Archive Of Spanking Stories Alvaro Garces "The stories published here are fictitious (except for a few childhood memories). Because of our interest in corporal punishment, we tend to represent even childhood spanking in a more attractive light than is at all typical in life. We write about how we would like to be able to remember it.... Here, you'll find many kinds of spanking stories: F/m, M/m, M/f, F/M, F/f, etc.... Each time I update, I'll publish a new issue with several stories." Includes stories by many different authors, in irregular "issues" from May 1998, to March 2005. The site gives an "alternate address" in case the main address changes. Link broken as of 3.24.10 Internet Archive Link
LitErotica Many xxx stories about spanking.
Anime Spanking Archive JadeWind A collection of spanking fiction based on anime. This site is also host to a forum. Dead link 1/1/2019
Backside of Love ? Articles on adult domestic discipline, ageplay and corporal punishment. Also a library of related fiction.
Alex Birch's ASSTR site Alex Birch Various spanking stories.
Anthology of Erotic Literature Saxon This site exists to republish Victorian spanking erotica. These perodicals were originally published in an approximately monthly format, and this method is echoed on the web site in order to make the re-introduction of these quality novels as authentic as possible. Dead link 1/1/2019
The Basement Hedeia and Rusty Stories about gay (and one straight) couples in loving discipline relationships. Dead link 1/1/2019
Chastenwood This site is the home of a Seattle, Washington based writers group. It features stories and is host to a related forum. Dead link 1/1/2019
Ciejye's Spanking Archive Ciejye A collection of spanking stories based on television programs.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Coyote's Den Y. Lee Coyote lots of stories, many child spanking or ageplay, role-reversal. Many M/M or M/m. Forced shaving and nudity as well as spanking are common.
CP at School ? Stories about corporal punishment in school. Dead link 1/1/2019
The Depantsing Queens Libby Marr, Becky Romero and Belinda Ramirez Operated by three college coeds, this site is devoted to their biographical stories about humiliation, pantsing, school corporal punishment and spanking. Mostly boy/girl, girl/boy and M/F. Some F/f and the rare boy/woman. Includes extensive message board, feminist-slanted commentary, links to news stories about schoolgirls being humiliated and numerous spanking polls. Several of the coeds (all 18+) appear nude on their site. Dead link 1/1/2019
Spanking OTK Xavier Naughty Girls Get Spanked and Caned – School girl spanking and humiliationsr. Dead link 1/1/2019
Debporn Debbie Ann BDSM themed stories by the webmaster.
Don's Spanking Pages Don A. Landhill Spanking stories, mostly M/F and M/f, by Don A. Landhill and other authors. Also includes spanking verse and spanking song parodies. Dead link 1/1/2019
Down In The Den Haley Brimley Spanking stories by Haley Brimley. Dead link 1/1/2019
Evanescently Kate James A collection of spanking stories by Kate James which sometimes feature guest authors.  Warning: 18+ Link broken as of 1.6.09
The Flogmaster Website Flogmaster A collection of spanking stories by Flogmaster.  Warning: 18+
Goldie's Tails Y. Lee Coyote This site features story parodies of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" by several authors. It is now part of The Coyote's Den.  Warning: 18+
KinkyAg's Spanking Stories ? A collection of semi real life spanking stories.  Warning: 18+
Harry's Homepage Harry Spanking and fetish related stories by the webmaster.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Kate's Corner Kate A collection of M/F stories by Kate.  Warning: 18+
Jodie Davis Spanking Stories Internet Archive Link Jodie Davis A collection of fictionalized real life experiences by Jodie Davis.  Warning: 18+ Link broken as of 1.6.0
Jojasa's Stories Jojasa A collection of fictional stories by the webmaster.  Warning: 18+
Julnick's Story Corner Julnick A collection of X/M and M/F stories by Julnick. Also contains a few interactive stories that deal with spanking.  Warning: 18+ Malware / Virus Warning 1/1/2019
Laura's Spanking Corner Laura Werner An archive of spanking stories by various authors originally posted to the newsgroups and soc.sexuality.spanking.  Warning: 18+
Lawrence Kinden's Corporal Fiction Lawrence Kinden An archive of spanking stories by Lawrence and various guest authors.  Warning: 18+ Dead Link 1/1/2019
Library of Spanking Fiction Februs An archive containing over 20,000 spanking stories by over 550 authors. A short synopsis is available for all the submissions along with content icons representing the gender and age of the participants, any implements featured and the degree of any sexual content.  Warning: 18+
Little Sister's Spanking Stories Brianna A collection of Brianna's spanking stories.
Lush Stories Spanking Section ? The spanking section of a free erotic stories website.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Lurking Col's Spanking Stories ? Spanking stories by and Australian man  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Male-Male Spanking Archive flagellant Above 38,000 M/m and M/M spanking stories.
Maman Warmbotty Memories of Maternal Discipline. F/m and F/f Dead link 1/1/2019
Maraschino Fiction Inc. Black Mask A collection of M/F spanking stories by Black Mask.
Memories Of Childhood Spankings This site features stories of real life spankings by several authors.
Mule's Barnyard Mule A collection of stories dealing with femdom and spanking by Mule and other authors. Also features the spanking art of Ron Wilson  Warning: 18+
Male Spanking Stories by Tris Tris M/m and M/M spanking stories. Dead link 1/1/2019
Naked Oblivion Lilith Erotic adult F/F and M/F spanking stories by Lilith  Warning: 18+. Dead link 1/1/2019
Nathan Rysher Nathan Rysher A collection of Stories by Nathan Rysher about his corporal punishment experiences in a British style boarding school in Australia.
Nothing but Text Don Croyle The main things here are the archives of the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Summer Story Contests from the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. Plus there are a number of stories by Don Croyle. Dead link 1/1/2019
Old Tom's Archive Old Tom Stories about caning and spanking by Old Tom and a few guest authors  Warning: 18+
On The Bare ? This site features a few stories, but hasn't been updated since 2006  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
OTK Romance Internet Archive Link J.L. The stories and pictures that deal with erotic and disciplinary M/F spanking in consensual relationships  Warning: 18+. Link broken as of 12/13/06
Paul Summers Spanking Stories Paul Summers M/f and F/f spanking stories by the webmaster. Dead link 1/1/2019
PP's Stories Internet Archive Link Pucker Princess Erotic adult F/F and M/F spanking stories by Pucker Princess  Warning: 18+. Link broken as of 4/11/07
Raffi's Spanking Stories Raffi M/F spanking stories by Raffi. Dead link 1/1/2019
Rascal's Growlery Rascal A collection of stories by several authors featuring moslty M/m and some F/m spankings. Dead link 1/1/2019
Rick Oh's Story Site Rick Oh Stories about sex spanking and enemas by Rick Oh.
Ricky's Place Ricky M/m spanking stories by Ricky. Dead link 1/1/2019
Rogue's Weyr Roguebfl Mostly X/m ageplay spanking stories by Rogue. Also includes Crimson Kid's rejuve stories.
"Saint Francis School for Girls" Mary Catherine M/f and M/F stories by Mary Catherine, mostly the "Mary Catherine and Dean Andrew" series"
Sam's Spanking Stories SamPast Stories by SamPast and her co-authors. Mostly M/f and F/f, but including various other combinations. Dead link 1/1/2019
Sarah Thorne's Spanking Stories Sarah Thorne A collection of erotic spanking stories by Sarah Thorne. This site is partially intended to encourage visitors to buy stories from a related pay site.
SarAdora's Spanking Erotica SarAdora Erotic Spanking Stories by SarAdora.
Scorpion's Haunted Mansion Scorpion A few Spanking Stories by Scorpion. There are also 6 galleries of commercial spanking photos here and the webmaster states that movie clips will eventually be available as well.
The Secret Shoebox ? A collection of spanking stories by an unknown author.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
The Sensual Spanker The Sensual Spanker A collection of erotic spanking stories by The Sensual Spanker.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019 Serijules A collection of erotic spanking stories by Serijules.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
The Slash Fiction of Ranger Ranger M/M Spanking stories by Ranger.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Smiling With Teeth ? This site is host to Z's Mind Candy a collection of stories by Zprymantis and The Janitorium a collection of stories by Da Janitor Dead link 1/1/2019
Spanka Alpha Delta ? Stories about domestic discipline  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Spanking Internet Networks ? A searchable collection and archive of fantasy and real life spanking stories. Registration required.  Warning: 18+
Spankings and Stuff Internet Archive Link ? A description of several real life spanking experiences. Link broken as of 11/19/09
Spanking Life Michael Walker A story database containing stories by several authors. Dead link 1/1/2019
Spanking Sanctuary ? A collection of stories by several authors. Dead link 1/1/2019
Spanking Stories - John Hudson ? Spanking story site associated with the Tan Her Hide Blog.
Spank Tales ? A collection of spanking stories and art by several authors.
Spank To Tears ? A collection of X/f spanking stories No stories currently available. Dead link 1/1/2019
Stories by John Benson John Benson A searchable collection stories by John Benson.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Stories By Paris Annette Morreau Paris Annette Morreau Stories about children being spanked.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Stories by Quillis Quillis A collection fiction by Quillis.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Susie's Spanking Stories Site Susie A collection of Spanking Stories by several authors.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Tales From A Switch Rollin Hand Novellas, Series and short spanking stories by the Rollin Hand.  Warning: 18+ Dead link 1/1/2019
Tienz's Archives Tienz A short series of spanking stories by Tienz.
Tinglewood ? Five spanking stories. (Stories can be accessed by pressing "previous" and "next" buttons) Dead link 1/1/2019
The Tree House Pablo and Mija Stories, real-life acounts, and other content from this married couple, regulars on soc.sexuality.spanking, who first met through their online stories. Dead link 1/1/2019
Two Shades of Blue Tasha Many, many stories by Tasha (a.k.a. HalfHisAge). Mostly M/f, but many other types as well. Dead link 1/1/2019
Vicki Blue's Domestic Discipline Vicki Blue Essays and stories about domestic discipline by Vicki Blue. Dead link 1/1/2019
Wintermute's Spanking Stories Wintermute Spanking stories by Wintermute  Warning: 18+. According to the author: "The stories posted here are M/F, F/M and F/F spanking stories. Although sometimes they involve punishment spankings that all have at least a sexual blush. And sometimes much more than a sexual blush."
Wulfram's Hompage Wulfram A collection of stories by Wulfram and Daria Little which is no longer updated. Link to Daria's (and other author's) Stories on this site Link 2 Link 3. Dead link 1/1/2019

Sites that feature language arts in languages other than English[edit]

Site By Language(s) Contents Magnus & Caroline Swedish Huge collection of Swedish girl- and woman spanking stories, collection of news articles from swedish newspapers, etc. (Anonymous) Norwegian Norwegian stories about girls being spanked, humiliated and dominated by men
Male-Male Spanking Archive flagellant Various languages Above 38,000 M/m and M/M spanking stories. Latino Spanish Sitio gratis en español con fotos y videos de spanking. (In Spanish - En Español) Yukiha Japanese Spanking novels, illustrations, manga and information, etc. Chinese Spanking novels and images. Spankingdream Russia Spanking stories and art.

Informational sites[edit]

Site By Contents
Agony & Ecstasy ? Articles on erotic discipline and BDSM  Warning: 18+. Dead link 1/1/2019
Biblio Curiosa Thanalie Bibliographic catalogue of erotic, pornographic and curiosa literature. Over 900 titles listed, mostly French works, with illustrations. In addition to works of fiction, you will find essays, anthologies and magazines dealing directly or indirectly with erotism, sexuality, pornography as well as the obscene in artistic, cultural, literary, social or historical fields. This Wiki is bilingual (French and English).
Christian Domestic Discipline ? A guide to the integration of Christian teachings and domestic discipline. Dead link 1/1/2019
Colorado Spankers Cody Denver area spanking group. Site includes lists of resources, implements, content providers, spanking parties and events, interveiws with several well-know professionals, including Eve Howard, directions on how to make a spanking bench. Dead link 1/1/2019
Consumer's Spanking Video News & Reviews ? Reviews of spanking pay sites and spanking videos. Also contains several galleries, interviews, and some writings about spanking.
Doc Tsai Spanking Doc Tsai Beginners will find an educational introduction to adult spanking. For more experienced visitors, there are real life scene reports (with sound), discussions of advanced topics, fiction, and galleries.
Domestic Discipline Internet Archive Link Digits and Maryann A site devoted to providing information about domestic discipline. Link broken as of 12/7.09
Fondly and Firmly ? The Gentlemanly Art of Spanking the Woman you Love: detailed discussion of therapeutic and disciplinary spanking (M/F domestic discipline). Dead link 1/1/2019
LondonFetishScene Multiple contributors A British site that provides information about the fetish scene in London. It also hosts Wipipedia, a BDSM oriented wiki.
Ris Och Ros ? An informational website about spanking in Swedish. Link broken as of 12/14/06
Spanking Facts and Research ? Facts about female celebrities who have admitted being spanked as punishment either at home and/or during their education. Also, lists of spankings in mainstream movies and on TV. Dead link 1/1/2019
The Spanking News ? Many reviews of pay sites; some how-to articles, some "news stories" (some of which are ads for pay sites).
Taken In Hand ? Information and personal accounts of domestic discipline relationships. Dead link 1/1/2019
Why do ladies find having their bottoms spanked so erotic? Internet Archive Link ? An informational resource that includes a brief history of spanking and discussions of spanking in various art mediums. Link broken as of 12.7.0
Wizdomme Pages ? Articles and how-to advice on many aspects of the dominant/submissive lifestyle plus books, BDSM stories (fiction and humor), films and video downloads, picture galleries, personals, audio .wav files, e-cards, and toys. Amateur story and photo submissions accepted.
Memoirs of a Dominant Jaguar Spanking stories, advice, how-to, catalogue of free to read spanking books.

Free but not freely accessible sites[edit]

The following sites are free but AVS protected:

Site By Contents Free AVS
Italian Spanking Art Pages Danilo and Paolo Web gallery of fine erotic M/F and F/F spanking art. FreeNetPass

The following sites require membership, but the membership is free:

Site By Contents
Fun Bun Drawings Funbun Drawings and stories. Users can see the text without registering, but must register to see images or to post. (New Link 29/06/07)
Library of Spanking Fiction Februs A free archive of over 13,000 spanking stories by over 370 spanking authors.

Web forums and web groups usually also require a registration (membership) which is free. See spanking web forums and groups for a list.

Closed Sites[edit]

(Please place sites into this category only when they have been down for at least one month or when it has been verified by the site owner that the site is no longer functioning)

Site By Contents
Anime Brats Run by rsj1, Fulgur, _cf, jin and Crunk Anime and manga adult and child spanking art (drawings, video clips and stories). Featuring the work of many great artists including Cross Chan, elmantonegro, RobM, Uasketcher, monsp and many more. Galleries are constantly updated by the artists themselves. All artists, writers and browsers welcome. Link broken as of 7/29/06
The Spanking Scene ? Sister site of Link broken as of 7/17/06