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A Teacher Punishing a Little Girl, chalk drawing by Boucher.
La maîtresse d'école (The schoolmistress), engraving by Jean Baptiste Le Prince after Boucher (1769).

François Boucher (1703-1770) was a French painter of the Rococo period.

François Boucher made a chalk drawing of a teacher punishing a little girl on her bared bottom with a short birch rod. This undated work is owned by the Albertina museum in Vienna, Austria.

A leading student of François Boucher, who also created some spanking art, is Jean-Baptiste Le Prince (1734–1781).

Marie-Louise O'Murphy[edit]

In c. 1752, Boucher painted a teenaged girl nude, Marie-Louise O'Murphy (then 14 years of age), reclining on a sofa on a pile of cushions and drapery, in a pose that emphasizes her nude body erotically, in particular her bare bottom, for which the painting got much attention. Marie-Louise O'Murphy's beauty caught the eye of Louis XV of France, and he took her as one of his mistresses. She quickly became his favourite and at the age of 16, she gave birth to the king's illegitimate daughter, Agathe Louise de Saint-Antoine.

Boucher had used the same pose years before in another painting named Odalisque (1734, c. 1740 and 1745). He made several versions of the Odalisque and also of the Marie-Louise O'Murphy painting.


The porcelain figurine "The Schoolmaster" by Etienne Maurice Falconet (1716–1791) was made in c. 1762 after the above mentioned drawing by François Boucher.

"La fessée" ("The spanking") is a role reversal on the classic theme of Venus punishing Cupid. "Girl raising her skirt" is another work by Boucher that draws attention to the beauty of female buttocks.

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