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Forum 88 e.V., also known as Rohrstock-Verein, is a German flagellant club that was founded in December 1987.

The club holds the view that flagellantism (the personal desire to receive whippings and spankings in disciplinary style) is not sexual as such and therefore not a subset of "sexually oriented sadomasochism". The main purpose of consensual whippings and spankings, as Forum 88 sees it, is not erotic stimulation but emotional relief that helps reduce mental tensions and cope with stress. Forum 88 welcomes straight and gay flagellants and holds irregular meetings throughout Germany, and regularly in the Heidelberg area. Members can contact another through personal ads and a mailing list.

The main author of the website, and maybe the head of the club, seems to be the author of flagellant books Gerhard Educ.


The club has published its own magazine, for members of the club, since January 1988. Their November/December 1996 issue was the first to appear on the general market as a spanking magazine for sale. Since then the magazine Rohrstockmagazin, also known as RS-Magazin, appears bimonthly and is is published by RS Verlag, also known as Rohrstock-Verlag (Rohrstock means cane in German). Its contents are spanking stories and imagery of all pairings (presumably adult spanking art only).

Besides the magazine, RS Verlag also publishes spanking novels which can be obtained in print and online form, and also sells spanking implements.