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Forgiveness is the act of granting pardon for an offense, mistake or fault. A person who forgives another person feels no more resentment or anger for them. Forgiveness implies ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. The forgiver is usually either the person who was offended, or a person who is in authority for the offender (such as a parent or guardian).

Asking for forgiveness is called an apology. In its simplest form, it is saying that one is sorry for what one has done.

Forgiveness is often granted after a punishment for the offense was given, or after an apoplogy or expression of sincere remorse (with or without punishment). But forgiveness can also be granted "for free", without any of that. A person may also not be able or willing to forgive another even after that person has been punished and/or apologized. This is called "holding a grudge"

Forgiveness after a spanking[edit]

Disciplinary spanking is often followed by forgiveness - the act of officially forgiving the delinquent after the punishment is often thought to be an essential and important part of the punishment. This follows the "love the sinner, hate the sin" principle.

When the relationship between spanker and spankee is close (e.g. parent-child or husband-wife in domestic discipline), the act of forgiving will often be communicated by reassuring the spankee that he/she is still loved, by words of forgiveness, comforting touch (such as stroking their head or back), hugging and/or drying their tears. Often, after an OTK spanking, the spankee may be allowed to sit on the spanker's lap for a while, hugging or cuddling, until he/she has recovered.

In school spanking, judicial corporal punishment or military corporal punishment, forgiveness may take the form of a formal declaration.

In fun spanking, sensual spanking or erotic spanking, forgiveness is usually unnecessary because there was no offense in the first place. If there was a roleplayed offense, there may be roleplayed forgiveness, though. In erotic spanking, there may be kissing, sexual intercourse or other erotic activities after the spanking.

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