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Illustration by Jim Black (Luc Lafnet) from the novel Dresseuses d'hommes by Florence Fulbert (1931).

Foot fetishism also known as foot partialism, foot worship, or podophilia is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.


A foot fetishist can be sexually aroused by viewing, handling, licking, tickling, sniffing or kissing the feet and/or toes of another person, or by having another person doing the same to their own feet.

The fetishist response to the foot is the same or very similar to a conventional person's arousal at seeing genitals (or the sex-specific features like female breasts or male broad shoulders). On the other hand, enjoying the look of pretty feet and good pedicure as well as caressing the partner's feet is normal human behaviour, as long as the interest in his/her whole personality persists.

Like other paraphilias, foot fetishism varies widely and can be highly specialized, therefore one fetishist may be aroused by elements another might find repulsive. Some foot fetishists prefer to concentrate on feet that are arched, others concentrate on relaxed feet. Some prefer bare feet, while others may prefer feet dressed in certain types of shoes, socks or hosiery. Some even concentrate on specialized scenarios, such as bare feet resting on a car dashboard. Thus there is often a blurred distinction between foot, nylon, pantyhose/stocking, shoe, dirt and similar fetishes.

A foot fetishist can be male or female (although males account for over 70%), and can have an interest in the feet of either sex, albeit usually parallel to their sexual orientation.

Foot fetishism and BDSM[edit]

Foot worship is a way of demonstrating complete submission, and is therefore often found in master/mistress and slave style BDSM scenarios. Some submissives also enjoy being trampled, which is to say, being walked upon. However foot fetishism can also show itself in BDSM play with the sub's feet, for example involving bondage, tickling, or even bastinado.

Some foot fetishists enjoy having their genitals manipulated by their partner's feet to the point of orgasm or ejaculation (which is called a "footjob", analogous to the concept of a "handjob"), while others prefer being merely touched by feet or used as a foot-rest by another person.

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