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A pink plastic fly swatter with its business end shaped like a hand.

A fly swatter is an instrument used to swat flies and other insects such as mosquitoes. Most fly swatters today are made of plastic. The swatting end is perforated like a sieve or grid to reduce the air resistance (to swat faster) and to counteract the 'air cushion' effect that a non-perforated surface would have, which would help the insect to escape sideways.

Fly swatters can also be used for spanking, although they are not too popular for this purpose compared to other "pervertible" household items (such as hairbrushes or wooden spoons, for example).

Fly swatters are rather lightweight and produce mostly sting and little or no thud. In other words, the pain felt is a sharp sensation on the skin and does not reach the deeper tissue and muscles.

An example of the fly swatter in spanking art is found on Handprints here (F/f).  Warning: 18+

Leather fly swatters[edit]

Bavarian boys performing a flyswatter spank dance (m/m).

Occasionally (e.g. in Bavaria or Austria) one can also find fly swatters made of leather; these are probably not bad for spanking either.

The "Hahndorf fly swat and bumsmacker" was discovered in the German heritage village Hahndorf in South Australia. Made in the shape of a human hand, it doubles as a fun toy to smack a person's behind. Its producer is Leathersmith & Bush Gallery, 46 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA. The proprietors, John and Jenny Graham, seem to pride in their humour as much as in the quality of their products. Their slogan is, "We only use leather from vegetarian cows". The same shop also sells whips, but the fly swatter is far more original.

Television and spanking videos[edit]

  • In the CW network TV series iZombie (“Return of the Dead Guy”, 3:10, June 2017), a role-playing character spanks star Rose McIver with a fly swatter (video on YouTube).

Video games[edit]

  • Resident Evil: Village (2021), the player can choose a flyswatter as a weapon to spank Lady Dimitrescu during a fight sequence (YouTube video).