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(The) Flogmaster is an American spanking author. He maintains a website named The Flogmaster Website where his stories are hosted (some for free access and others for pay access). Another place where some of Flogmaster's stories can be found is soc.sexuality.spanking. Flogmaster uses various pairings but most of his stories are M/F or M/f. The author says about himself: "I like females being spanked... I prefer schoolgirl spankings... I like severe spankings... I like lots of spanking... I love spanking detail... I enjoy sexual arousal but the sex act is irrelevant... I like variety and escalation... Humiliation is important... I enjoy a good story, but it's not vital... Description of female body is good... Suffering is vital."

Flogmaster has published more than 500 stories and 36 books as of February 2013. These books are available for purchase in digital form (PDF) and as printed-on-demand books from Lulu.