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Three leather floggers used for BDSM play.
An F/F flogging on Folsom Street Fair (2006).
An M/F flogging on Folsom Street Fair (2011).

A flogger is a multi-tailed whip with a short handle made for fetish and/or BDSM purposes. It is usually of one of the three types:

A flogger looks impressive (especially to newcomers) but is in fact a comparatively mild implement because floggers are often made of materials that are less painful than these original types of whip used in military and judicial corporal punishment. For example, soft and lightweight leather or soft-fibred cord is used instead of tough and heavy leather.

In BDSM, floggers are very popular implements for flagellation. They can be used for flogging the back, the buttocks, or other body parts. There are even miniature floggers for use on the genitals, for example the so-called ball whip.

There are many artful techniques in which a flogger can be used, e.g. in fast rotation or a lemniscate (figure 8).


The term flogger can also refer to the following:

  • a disciplinarian who flogs
  • a wooden tool for banging corks into bottles.
  • it is also the name for a model of fighter aircraft, the Mikoyan MiG 23 and its later version, the Mikoyan MiG-27.

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