Flagellation and the Flagellants

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Frontispiece and title page

Flagellation and the Flagellants. A History of the Rod in All Countries from the Earliest Period to the Present Time is a book by "Reverend William M. Cooper". It was first published in 1870 by John Camden Hotten in Edinburgh, a second edition followed in 1873. The book had many new and revised editions since. The author's name is a pseudonym of James Glass Bertram (1824-1892).

The book is a comprehensive and detailed overview of flagellation in various religious orders, religious movements and individuals, followed by chapters on flagellation in non-religious contexts, both consensual and nonconsensual, and chapters on various eras and countries of the world. The book features some illustrations, interesting stories and quotations. It does not address in any way the topic of erotic flagellation.

Some newer editions have a modified title such as The History of the Rod or History of Flagellation Among Different Nations.

Related book by the same author[edit]

The same author has also written The Merry Order of St. Bridget — Personal recollections of the use of the rod (1857), also known as The order of the rod in later editions, a work of flagellatory fiction.