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Firm Hand Spanking is a U.S. spanking video producer of M/F and F/F spanking videos located in Hollywood, California. The company also shoots videos in the United Kingdom.

The company maintains a pay site that features spanking movies for download, short video clips (including edited segments from feature-length videos), photo-stories, stills, and other material. Membership is $24.95 for one month.

This organization is probably identical with Firm Hand Productions which started business in 2002.

Style and Content[edit]

The majority of the videos are more or less evenly divided between at-home domestic and teacher-student school punishment scenarios. This features a fairly even mixture of M/F and F/F pairings. There is also a Military Discipline series performed in full army or naval uniform.

Firm Hand frequently uses a large, well-appointed, and authentic-looking classroom for its schoolgirl discipline features. This room has also been used by other prominent British producers such as Northern Spanking and Dreams of Spanking.


The company has produced scores of videos featuring most of the better-known fetish performers from the U.S and U.K., including the now-retired Rosaleen Young and Niki Flynn.

The current roster includes Abigail Whittaker, Kailee, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Amber Wells (from Punished Brats), Leia-Ann Woods, Pandora Blake (of Dreams of Spanking), Belinda Lawson, Danielle Hunt, Elizabeth Simpson, Catherine Corbett, Sierra Salem, Samantha Woodley (who also directed the Haughty Ballerina series), Alison Miller, and many other actors and actresses.

Selected Videos[edit]

  • A Perfect Education (2013), Camilla Scott, photos
  • A Question of Trust (2011), Allaura Shane, photos
  • Artist Discipline (2018), Delta Howser, photos
  • Born With It (2008), Abigail Whittaker
  • Brat in the House (2013), Tiffany Bennett, brat theme, photos
  • Brotherly Love (P) (2013), Katherine St. James, photos, video
  • Candid Confessions - Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page, photos
  • The Challenge (2018), Alison Miller, photos
  • Naval Discipline (2016), Dani Daniels, photos
  • New Rules (2020), Lola Sanders, ping-pong paddle, photos
  • New Year Special 2014 (2014), Alison Miller
  • Racing Stables Discipline (P) (2019), Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page, video
  • Riding Stables Discipline (BB) (2020), Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page, video
  • Racing Stables Discipline (BK) (2020), Lucy Lauren, Zoe Page, video
  • Roommate from Hell - Kaylee Robinson, Alison Miller, photos
  • Secretary (2013), Stacy Stockton, photos
  • Sugar Daddy (2017), Natya Nostrovia, photos