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Contempt to disgust. Self-portrait by Nicholas Poussin (1594-1665).

A facial expression is the expression of feelings on a person's face, a type of body language. For example, a face can show happiness, amusement, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sorrow, sadness, or pain.

In visual art, facial expression is very important. In cartoons, comics/manga and animation/anime, a character's facial expression is often exaggerated, sometimes into extreme forms of distortion.

Facial expressions in spanking art[edit]

In spanking art, the facial expression of the persons depicted, such as spanker, spankee, assisting persons, and/or spectators/witnesses, has a great influence on the mood of the scene. A visual depiction of a spanking scene can thus range from humorous to violent, from funny to serious, from causing schadenfreude to pity in the audience.

Spanking artists draw spankees with expressions such as:

Spanking artists draw spankers with expressions of:

  • anger, rage
  • strictness, dutifulness
  • calmness, sadness (e.g. Sassy Bottoms)
  • sadistic pleasure

Emotions that are very difficult to convey via facial expression include:

Sometimes, especially in comics, an artist draws a spanking scene in which we see the spankee's buttocks, and draws an extra image (inset, or in another panel) that shows a close-up of the spankee's face.

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