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Eve Howard (born in 1953) is a U.S. spanking story author, spanking magazine editor, spanking actress and spanking video producer, director, and co-founder of Shadow Lane. She also organizes spanking parties in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her real name, revealed in a New York Magazine article, is Diane Fauer. She lived "with her husband Tony Elka and three cats in Las Vegas".[1] Tony passed away at age of 60 on April 5, 2020, after a four month battle with metastatic cancer.

Spank Hard and Nu-West[edit]

In the 1980s Howard edited the magazine Spank Hard (issues #3-16 or #4-16) for London Enterprises (Lyndon Distributors) under the name Lizzie Bennett. She also worked on several issues of the International Discipline Review published by Nu-West, and appeared in several of their videos in the 1980s.

Performing for Nu-West, she played a spanked submissive in every video except David Meets Shadow Lane. Her other titles include:

Stand Corrected and Shadow Lane[edit]

In 1986 Howard left Nu-West and co-founded, together with Elka, their own company named Shadow Lane. They began producing their own spanking videos and also published their own spanking magazine Stand Corrected. In this magazine Howard published her first Shadow Lane spanking story, set in a small New England village, which became a series. That series was later also published in book form by Blue Moon Books, beginning in 1992.

The company Shadow Lane became one of the major spanking video producers. Howard not only produced and directed but also continued acting in several of her own videos produced between 1986 and 1994. In 2011, after 17 years of working behind the camera, Howard returned to performing in Eve Howard's Disciplinary Reviews where she plays the disciplinarian. She also continues to direct the occasional feature (see list below).

Shadow Lane videos[edit]

A selection of videos featuring Eve Howard as an on-camera performer or director.

  • Careless Lips - Eve Howard and Clare Fonda in bonus feature, Team Mom Mouthsoaps Clare (photos)
  • The Day the Coach Got Spanked - Femdom, Eve Howard punishes male coach
  • Disciplinarian Librarian (2008), written and directed by Eve Howard (complete video)
  • Eve Howard's Disciplinary Reviews - Eve directs and spanks Cheyenne Jewel and Sybil Hawthorne, photos
  • Lipstick Lesbian Domination: Xtreme Spanking Edition - Paris Kennedy, directed by Eve Howard
  • No Ifs, Ands - Just Butts! 3 - compilation with scene from Eve Howard's Disciplinary Reviews
  • Our Sorority: Hell Week - Nikki Rouge, Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke, directed by Eve Howard
  • Punishment Book - directed by Eve Howard (photos)
  • Seat of His Pants - Femdom, Eve Howard spanks Mike Fluffy
  • She Spanked Her Niece! - Eve Howard punishes Clare Fonda
  • Spanking Analysis - written and directed by Eve Howard (photos)