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Aluminium enema nozzle.
Aluminium enema nozzle in butt plug shape.
Rubber enema syringe, the nozzle in black.

An enema nozzle is the part of an enema kit that is inserted into the anus. It may be connected to a historical enema syringe, a modern enema rubber bulb, or to a hose that is connected to an enema bag.

Enema nozzles come in different materials, designs and sizes. Their tip is often rounded for safe and painless insertion. There may be one opening at the end (like a pipe), or several smaller holes at the tip through which the enema liquid (normally warm water, possibly with cleansing or medical ingredients) can flow into the rectum.

The anus and the nozzle should be well lubricated before the enema nozzle is inserted.

Sexual/fetish enema nozzles[edit]

Enema nozzles for sexual/fetish purposes (see also klismaphilia) come in butt plug-shaped designs that stay in place held by the sphincter once inserted. There are also inflatable enema nozzles that can be inflated after insertion with an air bulb such that they can not be expelled, and seal the rectum from inside. These types should be used with caution as too high pressure may build inside as the water rushes in.

An enema nozzle can also used as an anal sex toy even without (or before, or after) the actual enema is given: repeated pushing in and pulling out, with good lubrication, stimulates the erogenous zone of the anus. Some are even deliberately shaped as dildos for this purpose, and some combine the dildo and butt plug designs.

Enema nozzles in spanking art are found e.g. in the works of Mr. Sand.

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