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EC, also known as Edward C., is an artist and author who specializes in fiction and rendered spanking art. His art and fiction focuses on the themes of erotic discipline, sensual spanking, judicial corporal punishment, and public nudity.

EC has written three novels: The Wanderings of Amy (2002), Maragana Girl (2004), and The Freshman (2005), along with several short stories in which he incorporates eroticism and submission with an effort to create serious fiction. EC's goal is to make sex and discipline part of a much larger narrative that follows the lives and personal journeys of his characters. Sex and discipline are only part of the characters' lives and only a part of a much larger fictional world that he is trying to create.

EC's artistic efforts include images created in Corel Draw, and newer images created in Poser 5. EC attempted to create erotic clipart using Corel Draw before writing his first novel. His current efforts now focus on Poser images that are mostly inspired by his fiction. His work is featured on Handprints and Veralsi's Spanking Showcase. His settings include domestic, school, medical, and judicial cp.