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A dress code is a set of rules established by society, institutions, or individuals in authority, as to what kind of clothing must be worn and what kind of clothing is not permissible.

Japanese sailor suit school uniform.

Dress codes may also prescribe how a specific garment must be worn. Dress codes can also just say what body parts must not be exposed (leaving some individual choice as to how to cover these body parts).

The opposite of a dress code is an undress code.


Examples of dress codes:

  • dress codes in religious places (in addition to the torso, often shoulders, arms, legs, head, or hair must also be covered)
  • Authoritative position uniforms (e.g. in the military, police, postal service, etc.)
  • school uniforms (Catholic and secular schools)
  • civilian uniforms (cheerleaders, stewardesses, maids, waiters, waitresses, UPS drivers, etc.)
  • office-appropriate dress for businesses
  • dress codes at social gatherings such as parties, discos, night clubs
  • dress codes for customers (e.g. "no shoes, no shirt, no service" in shops and restaurants)
  • costumes on costume parties (e.g. nightwear on pajama parties)
  • fetish clothing on fetish and BDSM parties
  • ABC (anything but clothes) parties with self-made costumes using random items.

Spanking videos[edit]

Inappropriate dress and especially the violation of school uniform rules are frequently used plot points in fetish spanking videos as seen in the examples below.

  • Angelina: Dress Code Violations (Spanked Coeds)
  • Bailey's Messy Uniform (Spanking Bailey), Bailey
  • Brandi: Caned for Inappropriate Clothing (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi
  • Brandi Is Sent Home For Not Wearing Panties (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Brandi Is Spanked For Her Short Skirt (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi
  • Brandi Strapped for Her Attire (Spanking Teen Brandi)
  • Caned at School, Spanked at Home (Sarah Gregory Spanking, 2018), Christy Cutie
  • Cara Punished for Improper Attire (RealSpankings.com, 2018)
  • Cassy's Office Punishment (Sarah Gregory Spanking, 2019), punished for skimpy office-wear.
  • Claire's School Paddling (RealSpankings Institute), pigtails, photos
  • Detention Delinquents Part 1: Nikki's Dress Code Violation (Disciplinary Arts), Kat St James, Stevie Rose
  • Regulation Green (Good Spanking), Stevie Rose fails to wear green on St. Patrick's Day

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