Dottie Gets Spanked

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Dottie Gets Spanked is a 30-minute television film directed by Todd Haynes. It was first aired in 1993.


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America in the 1960s. The protagonist of the film is a little boy, Steven Gale, played by J. Evan Bonifant. The film illustrates Steven's interest in -- and awareness of -- sexuality, in which spanking plays an important role.

The spanking scenes[edit]

The spanking scenes in this film are part of surreal black-and-white dream sequences.

In the first scene, a kind of curtain opens and we see a man spanking a boy (his father spanking Steven?) OTK in a strange illuminated open space. The spanking is unreal, almost robotic, the spankee is completely motionless. Initially, only the sound of the spanks echos as if in a big hall, then industrial machine noises fade in and get in the lead.

The spanking scene changes step by step in flashs: At first, the boy is clothed in long trousers. Then, the boy is clothed in shorts. Then, he is wearing only white briefs (close up). Then, a caption (like in a silent movie) says "A child is being beaten on its naked bottom.", followed by the boy being spanked bare bottom (and faster than before). The machine noises get louder and faster. Steven awakes.

In the second scene, Steven the emperor is suddenly dressed in prisoner's clothes; an iron cage falls down and locks him in. Lawsuit-like, he is found to be "100% guilty" and sentenced to receive the maximum punishment from the "strongest man in the kingdom". The strong man appears (who looks like a caricature of strong men performing in circuses), shows his strength by lifting two giant weights, bends the bars of Steven's cage apart and pulls him out. We see Steven's feet as he is dragged across the floor, then we see his head lowered face down, such that he loses his crown, the last remaining sign of his royalty. The strong man's big hand is raised (close up, drum roll), pauses, and Steven turns his head to look into the strong man's face. Pictures of faces, bottoms, muscles, skulls, and various spanking scenes flash in a stroboscopic sequence. Steven awakes.