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Boys in nightshirts in a dormitory in Annaburg, Germany (1882).

A dormitory (dorm for short) is a sleeping quarters or entire building primarily providing sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people, often boarding school, or tertiary level students. Dormitories are also called hall of residence or residence hall.

School dormitories are normally divided by year group, which is based on age. Younger students are often housed in larger open plan room, with next to no privacy. Older students are normally in smaller semi-open plan provided with a little privacy.

Dormitories are very often segregated by sex, with males sleeping in separate rooms, or even separate quarters, from females. Also, entire dormitories may be single-sex.

Most individual dorms are supervised by a Housemaster or Dorm-Mother, some times with the aid of a prefect or two.

Dormitory offenses[edit]

In boarding schools that use corporal punishment, the dormitories may be settings for spankable offenses to be committed, as well as locations where corporal punishment might take place.

Dormitory offenses include:

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