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Don A. Landhill
Don A. Landhill
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Don A. Landhill is a U.S. author of spanking fiction and spanking verse. He is particularly noted for his spanking parodies, in which a holiday song, popular song, song from a musical comedy, or other tune has its words altered into a spanking song.

Many of his stories and verse can be found on his web site Don's Spanking Pages. Other can be found in the archives of soc.sexuality.spanking and A number of his works can also be found on the Library of Spanking Fiction.

Don Landhill was the formal "Lead Proponent" of the group that pushed the creation of the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup on Usenet.


Songs from Musical Comedies[edit]

  • My Fair Spankee
  • Hello Dolly
  • Spankable You
  • Oh, a Rear!
  • Naughty Jean
  • Oh, What a Beautiful Bottom!

Other Popular Songs[edit]

  • Big Red (TV Commercial)
  • The Dominator
  • Song of the Paddle
  • How Long has this Been Going On
  • Daisy
  • Beat Me
  • Look what they've done
  • Hey there, Naughty Girl
  • Paddles are a Dom's Best Friend
  • La Fessee
  • "Naughty"
  • My Grandfather's Strap
  • Bad Girl
  • Are You Really Going To Spank Me?
  • I Feel Fine
  • Look for...
  • The Sounds of Spanking
  • Big Paddle
  • Spanking Scene Writer
  • Handspanks
  • You're my Top
  • I Feel her Butt Squirm NEW

Folk Songs[edit]

  • Spank-em-all Fair
  • Paddle Hard
  • Got switchin'
  • Naughtypants
  • Red Cheeks
  • The Answers
  • Rounds
  • Where have...?
  • This Old Man
  • (I've been) Standing in the Corner
  • Assville Welcome
  • The Paddle Hymm of the Privileged Public
  • Moons Blistered

Carols and other Holiday Songs[edit]

  • Spanking Beth
  • "Do you know.."
  • Coming to Town
  • Away in the Corner
  • God Help You, Mary

Nursery Rhymes and other Verse Parodies[edit]

  • The Spanker's Mother Goose
  • Miss Sally's Gardens


  • Analise and John
  • The Glow (SSC '99)
  • To Joanie: A fantasy letter
  • Lanie's Troubles
  • Next Time (SSC '96)
  • The Scolding (SSC '96)
  • Busted: A Dialog for Voice and Mind (SSC '00)
  • Susie's Spanking (SSC '00)
  • Joanie's Day: A Dialog for Voice and Mind
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Attitude Adjustment 2
  • Lost in a Book (SSC '02)
  • Everybody Always Lies (SSC '02)
  • All Wet (SSC '02)
  • Anticipation (SSC '02)

More serious verse[edit]

  • Catharsis:A sestina (SSC 03)
  • Corner, Lap, and Bed:A sonnet (SSC03)
  • Lines: a Sestina (SSC06)