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Disciplinary Arts is a producer of M/F and F/F spanking videos based in California. Created in 2011 by spanking actress Stevie Rose and play-partner Kyle Johnson, the company is managed by Johnson (who performs as a disciplinarian in many titles) and actress Kat St. James.

Style and content[edit]

Disciplinary Arts produces severe punishment spanking videos with emphasis on realistic domestic scenarios, over-the-knee positioning and traditional implements (hairbrush, bath brush, paddles, belt, and strap).

Most of the M/F punishments are administered by Johnson. About one-fourth of the videos feature F/F pairings. Kat St. James appears in many titles in the role of spankee. Her real-life stepsister Sam James has also performed as a bottom in several videos with Kat such as: Rent-A-Sister, Sister Trouble, and the Game Night series.

The videos feature amateur performers as well as well-known professionals such as Paul Rogers, Christy Cutie, Stevie Rose, Lily Starr, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Danielle Hunt, Alex Reynolds, Sophie Gray and Sarah Gregory.

The company also produces numerous multi-part series. These include: Real Discipline Series (RDS), Interview Series, Outdoor Series, Game Night Series, Point of View Series, Corporal Carnival Series, et al. A number of videos are filmed at scenic outdoor locations in Northern California.

Collaborations with Sarah Gregory[edit]

Disciplinary Arts has also combined forces with Sarah Gregory Spanking to make pairs of videos, one for each company, shot back-to-back reusing the same actors, sets, and costumes. Below are a few examples.

  • Prehistoric Catfight (Disciplinary Arts, photos, video) and The Biggest Brat in Bedrock (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) are both spoofs of The Flintstones with Kyle Johnson and Sarah Gregory.
  • Sarah's Bad Decision (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Truth or Dare (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) have the same setting and feature Kyle Johnson, Sarah Gregory, and Stevie Rose.
  • Mean Girls Get Spanked (Disciplinary Arts, photos) is a sleepover story with Kisa Elaine Corvin, Sarah Gregory, and Kat St James. This scenario is duplicated in Slumber Party Blues (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Kat & Sarah's Bathtime Fun (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Bathtime Spanking Fun (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) are nearly identical features with Sarah Gregory and Kat St James.
  • Pretty and Spanked (Disciplinary Arts, photos) matches the similarly-titled Pretty and Spanked (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Shower Shocked, Kat St James and Sarah Gregory (Disciplinary Arts, photos) also matches Spanked In The Shower (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Tantrum Throwing Brat Sarah Gregory Taken In Hand! (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Spoiled Rotten Brat (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos), both with Lily Starr spanking Sarah Gregory.

Selected titles[edit]

  • A Very Merry Self-Spanking - photos
  • Brother's Hand Pt 1: Quinn's Spanking (M/F), brother
  • Brother's Hand Pt 2: Stevie's Spanking (M/F), Stevie Rose
  • Christy's Correction - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Christy Cutie
  • Corporal Activity: Home Video Beach Spanking (M/F), spanking parody of the Paranormal Activity horror films.
  • The Good Girl Spanking (M/F), Stevie Rose
  • The Horrible Wait (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • Johanna's F**ked Up - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Johanna Sullivan
  • Johanna's Nude Discipline - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Johanna Sullivan
  • Kitchen Curiosity (M/F), Stevie Rose spanked with wooden spoon and spatula
  • Kitchen Quarrel: Daughter Paddled (F/F), Kat St. James
  • Las Vegas Streaker (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • The Misadventures of Adrian Shelly: Spanked for lies! - Paul Rogers
  • Miss Stevie Spanks: Misty Cries Hard (F/F), Stevie Rose
  • A Nightmare on Palm Street: Halloween Spanking Film - spanking parody inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street, ghostly Freddy Bruiser uses his paddle hands on neighborhood girls.
  • Over Santa's Lap: Debbie - Christmas, photos
  • Paddled at School, Belted by Mom (F/F)
  • Real Discipline Series (RDS): Blossom's Bruises (M/F)
  • RDS: Johanna's Tolerance (M/F), Johanna Sullivan
  • RDS: Marie's Procrastination (F/F), Stevie Rose
  • RDS: Nikki's Maintenance Spanking - photos
  • RDS: Slackin' Whackin' (M/F), Kyle, video
  • RDS: Stevie's Beating (M/F), Kyle, Stevie Rose
  • A Red Birthday - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • Respecting Daddy's Property (M/F), Kat St. James
  • The Roommate Agreement (M/F), Troy Jackson, Johanna Sullivan
  • Selfie Troubles (M/F), Stevie Rose
  • Sister Trouble 4: Big Sister's House (F/F), Stevie Rose spanked by older sister Heather.
  • Spanking Cousin Stevie - Kyle Johnson spanks cousin Stevie
  • A Spanking Request (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • Spanking Stevie for Drinking (M/F), Kyle, alcohol, photos
  • Stevie's Harsh Discipline (M/F), Kyle, Stevie Rose
  • Stevie's Potty Mouth (M/F), Kyle, Stevie Rose, cursing
  • The Taming of Johanna (2020), Stevie Rose as spanker, photos
  • Too Many Kyles (F/F), Kat St James, Lily Starr
  • Trick or Treat, Spank my Seat! - Halloween, Lily Starr
  • The Turnabout (F/F), Stevie Rose and sister Misty get revenge on guardian Lily Starr.
  • Workout Whoopin's with Kisa Corvin - whooping
  • You Didn't Finish Your Chores! (F/F), Kat St James, Amo Morbia