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Dippoldism or educatory sadism is a term used in medical literature to refer to the spanking or other corporal punishment of minors for sexual motives. The punishment is given under the pretext of discipline, but in reality it is sexually motivated. The victims are often punished for sexual misconduct, such as masturbation.

Dippoldism is a special type of sadism that is (or was) typically found in professions such as teachers and governesses. It is named after Andreas Dippold, a German teacher and presumed sexual sadist who in 1903 beat his pupil Heinz Koch to death.

Dippoldism vs. child spanking fiction[edit]

People who enjoy child spanking art and stories are normally not dippoldists as they strongly oppose spanking real children for sexual (or other) motives. Practically all spanking art and stories are 100% fictitious and involve only fictitious characters, whereas dippoldism means that actual abuse of real children takes place.

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