Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv

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The 1970s reprint in four volumes by Parthenon Verlag.

Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv is a semi-scientific German book on whipping and spanking in literature. It was written by Dr. Ernst Schertel and first published in 1929-1932 by Parthenon Verlag, Leipzig.

Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv was first published as a series of over 20 volumes. There also exists an edition in 12 volumes from 1957 (published at Franz Becker, Stuttgart) with the modified title Der Flagellantismus in Literatur und Bildnerei (together 1100 pages, over 1000 photos and illustrations), and another reprint from the 1970s, with the original title, by Parthenon Verlag in four quarto volumes (each c. 280 pages).

The publication features many examples of vintage spanking drawings (by professional artists such as Louis Malteste, but also examples of unknown vintage amateur spanking artists). It also features spanking photos, depicting adults and teenagers as spankees, many of which were taken by Eugene Reunier, and short excerpts from vintage spanking novels (often translations of French novels).

Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv is Dr. Schertel's most important and successful work.


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