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The hand is placed in the crotch.

The crotch is the region of the human body between the legs where they join the torso. It is the area containing the genitals.

The term crotch is also used in tailoring to refer to the point where the legs of a pair ot trousers join.

Sexual aspects of crotch exposure[edit]

"Nude Sam".

Widely spread legs expose and allow access to the genital area (and, if the legs are also bent, to the anus). They are therefore common in sexual intercourse and often seen in pornography. They are also very common in various forms of BDSM play. Bondage items such as a St. Andrews cross or a spreader bar are used to keep the bottom's legs spread.

There is also crotchless clothing.

The crotch in visual art[edit]

In figure drawing, it is a common beginner's mistake to draw the crotch as a point (like a tree trunk that splits into two branches) even if the legs are spread apart, which is anatomically incorrect. Whenever the thighs are spread apart, the crotch opens to create a gap between them. This gap measures about a hand's width when the thighs are spread wide. This effect is general and irrespective of the age or gender of the character. A similar effect exists in other cases too - for example, when the fingers of a hand are spread, which everyone learns when they learn how to draw hands.

There is a tendon at the crotch that goes to the inside of each leg. When the legs are spread wide, you can feel and also see this tendon to the left and right of the genitals as it is stretched and pulled against the skin. This anatomic detail is often seen in hentai drawings that strive for greater realism despite their cartoon-like abstraction and exaggeration of form.

Punishment of the crotch area[edit]

See Spanish horse and crotch rope.

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