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Original Characters Isis and Gem, by Cross Chan. Isis sits on the left of the image with her Lesbian partner Gem on the right.
SD style Fanart of the series Naruto with the characters Maito Gai and Rock Lee, by Cross Chan.

Cross Chan (also spelled CrossChan or Cross-Chan) is a female spanking artist currently living in Europe. She was born in 1988.

Her hobbies (which she calls "obsessions") include manga, anime, and spanking. She speaks fluent Italian as well as English. Cross Chan is the author of several spanking stories for her favourite anime series, Inuyasha, Naruto and DragonBall Z.

Cross Chan can be contacted for commissions.

Cross Chan's art[edit]

Her original artwork on Season Wonderland was hand drawn and coloured with Photoshop, later artwork on Patchwork Wonderland was drawn with a mouse on the program Paint, the current works on Blackberry Luci are both drawn with Paint and GIMP.

Cross Chan's artwork was regularly posted to Anime Brats until this site went down in mid-2006. It continued on the Anime Spanking Archive before she moved to the new site, Anime OTK where she has a gallery of over three hundred pictures.

Current state[edit]

The majority of recent Cross-chan art during 2007 was purely comic or spoof situations and joke art often conveying a satirical message about the anime they originated from or the relationships of the characters. True punishment has beome a rarer drawn subject, giving way to new joking style. Her newest art can be seen on AnimeOTK were at least two pictures are posted a month, often more.


Broken links[edit]

These are links to older sites that are down or closed with no hope of return:

  • Patchwork Wonderland, an MSN group of Cross Chan's art and boards. (MSN ended hosting of all adult groups and this group was closed and apparently deleted).
  • Anime Brats - Cross Chan had a gallery directory which was regularly updated and contained over 90 pictures. Link Broken as of September 2006