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Sheep are typically compliant to their sheepdog(s), and dogs to their owner.

Compliance means a disposition to yield to the will of another person or a legal body, even when it is against one's own will. See also cooperation.

If the will is expressed as an instruction or order, compliance is called obedience. A strong form of complete unconditional compliance to a specific person (such as in a Master/slave relationship) is called submission.

The compliance aspect in spanking fiction[edit]

Compliance is one of the most notable aspects in which spanking fiction (such as spanking stories, spanking novels, spanking comics or spanking videos) tends to differ from real-life spankings.

In real life, spankees (whether children, adolescents or adults) are rarely as compliant with their punishments as they are in works of spanking fiction. We talk about disciplinary spanking here, not about fun spanking or consensual erotic spanking.

In real life, people who are told that they will get a punishment usually react by defending themselves, both verbally and physically. They talk back, argue, struggle, fight, and generally give the spanker a hard time. The person in authority needs to take verbal and/or physical efforts to commence and follow through with the punishment. In other words, real-life disciplinary spankings usually involve some element of violence, not by choice but by necessity.

A lot of spankophiles don't particularly like this violence aspect. Their taste for a good spanking scenario is one in which the spankee, even when the spanking is nonconsensual, is docile and compliant. The spankee co-operates with their punishment out of respect and/or fear that worse will happen if they don't -- or if they talk back or put up a fight it is briefly over and serves only to justify add-on measures such as extra punishment or a type of physical restraints.

Typical characters in spanking fiction[edit]

Fictional spankees are often:

  • well-behaved
  • respectful
  • obedient
  • submissive
  • compliant
  • suppliant
  • intimidated
  • dependent
  • docile
  • passive
  • shy
  • meek
  • not very good in verbalizing their point of view
  • weak
  • slim
  • cute
  • attractive
  • lovable
  • possibly a little masochistic (undercover)

While fictional spankers are often:

  • determined
  • confident
  • strict
  • dominant
  • no-nonsense
  • active
  • educated
  • knowledgable
  • eloquent
  • independent
  • strong
  • used to exercising power
  • possibly a little sadistic (undercover)
  • not evil, but to be respected and/or feared

In real life, of course, none of these attributes needs to be present.

Compliance in spanking roleplay[edit]

In consensual roleplay of disciplinary spanking, the play partners have the choice of whether they want to reenact "compliance" or "noncompliance". A majority of players seems to prefer scenes in which the spankee is submissive or at least compliant. A minority likes to play noncompliant scenes, in which the spankee (often playing a "brat") resists, argues, and/or tries to escape their punishment (but is eventually caught and punished). A third option is to begin noncompliant and then change to compliance, or vice versa.

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