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In art, commission refers to artwork created on the request from a customer, who orders the work and pays the artist for it.


Typically, an artist who does commissions exhibits a gallery (real-life, printed or online) of the work he has done before, so a prospective commissioner can see the artist's work and style. The artist will also typically define what he will do or not do, and the height of his charges. The commissioner will contact the artist, provide details on the requested work, and if the two come to an agreement, the order is made binding for both sides. The price will typically depend on many individual factors.

The artist may provide sketches to the commissioner to get feedback on, before spending more work on refining the sketch.

When the work is finished, the commissioner will either receive the original work, or a digital copy of it, with the permission to use it in specific ways (such as commercial use and publication). This may take the form of a copyright transfer or the form of a license (in which case the artist retains certain rights to the work).

Spanking artists and authors[edit]

Typically all artists who work as illustrators for spanking magazines, printed spanking novels and other commercial spanking publications (see also spanking pay sites) work on commissions.

Spanking artists who do commissions include:

Spanking authors who do commissions include:

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