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Woman in BDSM collar on a chain.

In BDSM, a collar is an item used to be worn by a submissive partner around neck as part of fetish wear to indicate that a person is literally owned by another person. Such collars are typically made of leather. Collars are commonly used as part of a humiliation ordeal, making the subject feel like an animal/slave. For this purpose, many collars come with one or more D-rings, and/or an O-ring or G-ring at the front, where another person can attach a leash.

Types of collar and their significance[edit]

There are five basic types of collars that are commonly used to signify the status of the BDSM relationship:

  • Collar of consideration

This is usually a leather collar worn by the submissive at the initial stage of a D/s relationship. It indicates that he or she is under the control of a single dominant. A submissive wearing a collar of consideration can not have relationships with other dominants.

A training collar usually proceeds from a collar of consideration. It is also used for BDSM sessions with unclaimed submissives who are not involved in any relationships. As a rule, this type of collar has additional rings for attaching chains, ropes, and other restraining devices.

  • Formal collar

A formal collar indicates a firm commitment has been made in the BDSM relationship. It is often presented during a special collaring ceremony in front of witnesses, much like a wedding. The style and design of the collar chosen by the dominant may also have an additional symbolic meaning that refers to their relationship.

This is an especially tall collar usually made of stiff leather that restricts the movement of the subject's head.

  • Collar of ownership or slave collar

This is the highest rank collar to signify complete ownership of the submissive by a dominant partner. Some slave collars are designed with no clasp so that the wearer cannot escape the bond.


Main article: Collaring

In the BDSM lifestyle, to "collar" someone indicates that the collared submissive offers his or her absolute obedience and faith to a dominant partner. The dominant has ownership, rights, and responsibilities regarding the submissive. Collaring implies that both partners agreed on their roles with a promise to fulfill each other's needs, and express mutual respect, trust and love.

There are certain collaring ceremonies where couples can officially confirm their commitment to each other and even take self-styled vows. The collaring event can be held privately or publicly in the presence of friends and witnesses. Many people choose to have an online ceremony.


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