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Clumsiness (also known as being accident-prone and unhandiness) is a lack of coordination or elegance; the condition or quality of being clumsy. An uncoordinated person is likely to accidentally break things, often by dropping them. Such a person is also called klutz or butterfingers. A related attribute is carelessness.

In spanking art[edit]

La Vase Brise, a two-minute vignette about a clumsy maid who knocks over a vase while dusting (Ostra Studio, 1930s).


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #87
F/f book illustration.

Clumsiness can be a offense to be punished when a person such as a child, maid, other servant or employee breaks a valuable object by not being careful enough, or by touching it despite being forbidden to do so because of the object's fragility.

Clumsiness is cause for a spanking in various book illustrations, spanking stories, spanking videos and other media and art forms. An example in fine art is the painting Punishment Of A Clumsy Maid (Наказание неуклюжей прислуги) by Sergey Anatolyevich Panin (2000).

In mainstream literature[edit]

   Jahnavi appeared then from the side door to the kitchen, trying not to stagger under the weight of a huge white tureen made of Kierstian ceramic. The boy presented the dish for approval, bowed when Riyan nodded permission to serve, and hefted it onto the table. Silver ladle and blue ceramic bowls were waiting; Riyan watched critically as Jahnavi portioned out the soup without spilling a drop. Sionell had returned to her seat next to Alasen, holding her breath as her little brother performed his first duties as Riyan's new squire. She sighed her relief when he finished without incident, bowed, and returned to the kitchen for bread.
   "Very nice," Riyan commented so Sionell could hear. "A little lacking in polish, but done very smoothly just the same."
   "Thank you, my lord," the girl replied formally. But then her irrepressible spirits made her grin. "He was so nervous! You were a squire at Swalekeep, and everybody knows what a stickler old Prince Clutha is for decorum!"
   "A stick across my backside once when I spilled a tray of pastries," Riyan reminisced. "But I doubt any such remedies will be necessary with Jahnavi. I was such a clumsy little mess!"
   He did not mention that at eleven years old, Jahnavi had not yet entered into the tortures of puberty, with all its insecurities of abruptly long limbs, distressingly large feet, and humiliatingly uncertain voice. It was foolish to punish an adolescent for what he could not help. Riyan was determined to be more understanding than Clutha, who had been of the old school when it came to training his squires...
  — Sunrunner's Fire p.40

Spanking humour[edit]

A spanking cartoon found on Handprints: A boy broke a vase and his father begins to spank him for it. The boy yells "Papa, papa! I didn't do it on purpose!" His father replies, "Very well, you'll get whipped without wanting it."

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