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Alligator clip-style adjustable nipple clamps.
Clover-style nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps are sex toys that are used in BDSM for erotic stimulation by applying various degrees of pressure to nipples (see also pinching). They are usually applied on nipples as this body part is highly sensitive, but can also be used on female genitals, the scrotum or other body parts. The effect created by by nipple clamps can be pleasurable and painful depending on their type. Nipple clamps can also serve as an adornment item as many have chain connecting the clamps or various accessories like bells or beads.

Regular use of nipple clamps can increase the size of the nipples that will also make them more sensitive.

Types of nipple clamps[edit]

There are two common types of nipple clamps varying in how adjustable they are.

Tweezer clamps[edit]

Tweezer clamps have two metal clamps that are usually covered with flexible material. The intensity of pressure can be adjusted with the help of small ring. If the chain is attached to these nipple clamps for additional weight, it adds intensity to nipple stimulation or can be used for leading the partner in various BDSM plays.

Clover clamps[edit]

Clover clamps are nipple clamps that work on spring mechanism. These clamps are not adjustable, meaning you cannot vary the pressure applied on your body part. They are put on the nipples as rubber covered pads squeeze the nipple from both sides. The clamps pinch the nipples if you pull them on. Some models may have additional chain that is attached to clamps to add weight and sensual look.


Vibrating nipple clamps have small wireless vibrators attached to the clamps that provide pleasant sensations. The clamps vibrate adding pleasant sensations with the pressure of the clamps.

Clothes-pins and chopsticks joined with a rubber band can be used as pervertible nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps and safety[edit]

Nipple clamps as other restriction devices reduce blood flow and cannot be used for a long period of time. A person should rely on his or her own tolerance but it is recommended to keep nipple clamps no more than 10 to 15 minutes at one session.

One should check for any signs of discoloration, coldness or numbness to avoid serious problems and remove the clamps immediately. However, the removal of the clamp can be even more painful due to the sudden change in blood flow.

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