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Chores in BDSM and fetishism: a housemaid bound with a ball gag, cleaning the floor.
Doing Chores at Her Aunts, drawing by Julian Guile.

A chore is a routine task assigned to a person to make sure it gets done.

Household chores are routine tasks the need to be done to make sure the household continues to function. While major chores are done by adults of the household, children are often assign a selection of chores within their capabilities, but still important that they get done. This is often considered to teach responsibility.

Example chores[edit]

  • making the bed
  • setting the table for dinner
  • wash the dishes
  • take out the trash
  • bring in the mail
  • cleaning their bedroom
  • mowing the lawn
  • feeding the pets

Extra chores[edit]

Extra chores are sometimes assigned to a child for punishment.

Chores and spanking[edit]

Not doing an assigned chore, not doing it on time, or not doing it properly, can be grounds for chastisement. In a family that uses corporal punishment such chastisement is a good chance to result in a spanking.

Real chore[edit]

Calling something a real chore is a turn of phrase to indicated it was a struggle to maintain motivation to complete it.

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