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Chastise with Love, formerly known as Spank with Love, was a parenting website on spanking that gave advice to pro-spanking parents on how to spank their children, when they feel such punishment is necessary, "with love". The site focused on various medicial, technical, as well as psychological aspects of spanking and attempts to present a "balanced position" between the anti-spanking position and violent/unsafe/abusive forms of spanking.

Although the site, which was originally published anonymously on GeoCities since October 2000, gave detailed "how to spank" advice, it states that it "does not intend to encourage spanking, but to discourage abusive forms of spanking". For example, parents were adviced to spank only with their hand and not to use implements. They were also adviced to set up clear rules and be consistent, to make sure their child understood the necessity of the punishment and accepted it, to talk with their child calmly about the incident before giving the spanking, to make the severity of the spanking match the offense and the child, and to reassure their child by showing love and affection afterwards.

The site also had "off topic" sections on:

Mirror site in 2006[edit]

On GeoCities, the site was often unavailable for bandwidth reasons. In 2006, a mirror site was set up at the domain and the original site's main page offered the choice of branching to the mirror site or trying to access the original site.

In 2009, briefly changed contents to host a wordpress blog instead, before the domain was taken over by a porn site.

Relaunch in 2009[edit]

In October 2009, GeoCities closed its service for good. The site was then relaunched at the domain under the new name "Chastise with Love". At, the original site is preserved until today.

At, the site was sometimes available and sometimes not. In 2014, the site went down.

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