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Chastening Instrument is the name given for a type of spanking implement by devotees of the Christian parenting seminar Growing Kids God's Way. It is a tonguelike strip of flexible material; such as rubber shoe sole, leather, rubberized canvas, or polyurethane.

New Zealand insurance salesman Philip Holdway-Davis started a media firestorm when he tried to sell chastening instruments along with a three part explanatory video Safe Smack in 1997.

Chastening instruments appeared in Episode 7 of ABC's reality show Wife Swap "Bittner/Reimer: Like Getting Hit With a Whacker" in 2004.

A couple selling chastening instruments (flexible polyurethane, unbreakable and portable, 9 by 1+12 inches (23 cm × 3.8 cm), $6.50) out of their home were harassed by anti-spanking activists until they went out of business and left their home town in 2006. See also Stop the Rod.

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