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A catholic school nun with a ruler

Catholic generally refers to the Roman Catholic Church. But more properly those Christian Churches which maintain that their Episcopate can be traced unbrokenly back to the Apostles, and consider themselves part of a broad catholic (or universal) body of believers. Among those who regard themselves as Catholic, but not Roman Catholic, are Anglicans, and some small groups such as the Old Catholic Church, the Polish National Catholic Church, the Independent Catholic, the Ancient Catholic and Liberal Catholic Churches, as well as Lutherans (though the latter prefer the lower-case "c," and, like Anglicans, stress that they are both Protestant and Catholic).

Many Catholic orders and schools had a strong tradition of corporal punishment. The Irish Christian Brothers and some other orders of teaching brothers were well known for administering punishment with implements such as the irish school strap. Teachers in Catholic institutions include non-clerics, monks, nuns and priests.

In February 2015, Pope Francis I publicly endorsed parental spanking.[1]


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