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A lady's legs.

The calf is the fleshy, muscular part at the back of the crus, the lower human leg, between the back of the knee and the Achilles tendon. There are two calf muscles, the the gastrocnemius and the soleus. Together they are known as the gastrosoleus or the triceps surae.

Spanking the calves[edit]

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Spanking the calves for punishment is not too common in most cultures, except in Korea where this method seems widespread. In Europe, occasionally a child is, or was, smacked, caned or whipped on the calves for failure to sit or stand still, or for things such as failing to keep their stockings pulled up properly (punishment on the point of offense).

The French martinet was often applied on the calves or thighs, for children did not have to disrobe that way.

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