Butter paddle

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A butter paddle from Iceland.
Butter paddles in a New England museum.

A butter paddle is a wooden kitchen utensil that was used in the traditional making of butter. It is shaped like a short paddle and often has grooves cut into the blade. To make butter, chunks of solidified cream are worked with the butter paddle to force the liquid out of them, stiffening the consistency of the butter. The grooves in the paddle help in draining the liquid away.

A set of two butter paddles can also be used to make decoratively ridged butter balls by placing a small lump of cold butter between the two paddles and rubbing together in a circular motion. In a similar fashion, one can also use them to make homemade gnocchi.

There are also butter paddles that are not flat but bowl-shaped like an oversized scoop or wooden spoon.

Butter paddles and spanking[edit]

Similar to laundry beaters or battledores, the butter paddle has been used as a pervertible spanking implement and may have been one of the inspirations for the spanking paddle.