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10 foot 12 plait kangaroo hide bullwhip and an Indiana Jones hat.

A bullwhip is a type of single-tail whip that has a stiff (e.g. wooden or metal) handle, attached to a tapering body (also known as the thong), followed by a single thin strip of leather called the fall, and finally a twisted string thread called the cracker or popper.

A bullwhip differs from a stock whip in that in the latter, the handle is connected to the body via a flexible joint called the keeper; in a bullwhip, the handle is either integrated into, or rigidly attached to the body.

A bullwhip differs from a snake whip in that the latter has no handle.

A bullwhip differs from a signal whip in that the latter has no handle and also no fall: the popper is braided directly into the end of the body.

The best bullwhips have a body made from kangaroo hide.

Bullwhips in BDSM play[edit]

The Wipipedia logo.

Bullwhips can cause severe injury and should be used with extreme care. According to Wipipedia, they are not suitable for BDSM play unless in the hands of an expert. Wipipedia has a rolled-up bullwhip in their logo.

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