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Severe clothes brush bruising in Niece Mandy by Southeastern Woodshed.

A bruise (also known as a contusion or ecchymosis) is caused by blunt impact in which the capillaries are damaged, allowing blood to seep into the surrounding tissue. Bruises are characterized by black, blue, purple, brown or yellow hematomas in the days following; a discoloration which does not blanch when pressed upon.

In spanking, bruises are typical marks caused by heavyweight implements such as paddles, (hair) brushes, straps, tawses or belts. They take many days or weeks to fade, during which time they will often change in color.

Ice bags applied as soon as possible can help reduce bruises. Some people recommend the use of witchhazel or arnica to treat bruises, to help them to heal more quickly.

Fetish films and photos[edit]

To spanking fetish enthusiasts, the appearance and coloration of bruising is a large part of its appeal. The various shades, ranging from pink to red to purple, chart the progress and severity of the punishment.

In fact, the absence of visible marks would indicate that the spanking was fake. As a result, it is a common practice among models posing for spanking magazines and actresses appearing in fetish films to apply rouge makeup to create convincing looking redness, bruises and welts.

Spanking videos[edit]

A bruising bath brush scene from Two Lesbians Paddled by Southeastern Woodshed.
Sketch of Kailee by Jameslovebirch (2012).
  • Friend of the Family (Universal Spanking and Punishments), photos
  • Off the Beaten Path (Universal Spanking and Punishments, 2020), Shy Sky bound to a tree (photos)
  • Replacement Spanking Instead of Grounding (Spanking Bailey), photos
  • The Spanking Room 1 (China Spank, 2017), video
  • Taken to the Woodshed (Universal Spanking and Punishments, 2020), woodshed, photos


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