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Breathing is the process of respiration, during which air is alternatingly inhaled into the lungs, and exhaled, through the mouth and/or nose due to muscle contraction. Breathing takes oxygen in and carbon dioxide out of the body.

Normally, breathing happens unconsciously, but within certain limits it can also be controlled consciously. The rate of respiration is higher while exercising because the level of carbon dioxide in the blood increases. It is lower at rest because the carbon dioxide level in the blood is lower.

Breathing faster and/or deeper than necessary is known as hyperventilation.

Breathing and spanking[edit]

A spank for the newborn[edit]

Yep I'm addicted to breathing, and have been ever since the doctor spanked my butt. And I get very upset when things interfere with my addiction to it.
  Addicted to Breathing, Roguebfl

In times past, Doctors would give newborns a single spank to force the baby to draw breath by making him or her cry. This method is now considered outdated, but still holds meme space in some cultures.

In consensual spanking[edit]

Both spanking and getting spanked increases the blood circulation and the body's need for more oxygen, like any form of physical exercise. It is therefore very important that the spanking position allows the spankee to breathe freely. There should not be much pressure on the spankee's chest or abdomen, and the spankee's nose and mouth should not be blocked. Gags, if any, should only be used with great caution.

The following spanking positions are in particular risk to obstruct free breathing:

If at any time the spankee experiences breathing problems, a safeword can be used to stop the scene at once. Restraints, if any, should be immediately removed to allow a change in position to regain breath. The same should be done if hyperventilation occurs.

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