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Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Example: After Class by Sassy Bottoms.

Boyz Being Boyz is a free spanking site for male spanking art, especially boy spanking art.

It was opened in March 2008 by Roguebfl at the request of Ai (from Anime OTK) to be a male spanking art counterpart to Handprints. Like Handprints, Boyz Being Boyz has no AVS and does not require membership to view its contents. Boyz Being Boyz features work that is not welcome on Anime OTK, such as non-anime drawings and Rejuve Universe artwork. Boyz Being Boyz does host anime work, but it's a non-priority.

All contents is legal fiction. Boyz Being Boyz has a strict "no child spanking photographs of any kind" rule: only spanking drawings and other fictional spanking material is permitted.

Since October 2012, you can embed external images from Boyz Being Boyz into this wiki using Template:BBB.


The site's contents includes boy spanking drawings and comics. Stories are also hosted, but mostly F/M and F/m stories, so the site will not compete with the Male-Male Spanking Archive. Meaning, for M/M or M/m works to be hosted on Boyz Being Boyz, it would have to be something like an illustrated story.

Spanking writers featured include:

Spanking artists featured include: