Bongo position

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Illustration by Leon Pierre (1932).
Sketch of the bongo position by Spankart (unfinished, 2008).

The bongo position, also called the wheelbarrow position, is a spanking position in which the spanker sits (e.g. on a chair, stool or couch) and the spankee is tucked between his/her knees, facing down and forward, with the spankee's legs spread to either side of the spanker. The spankee's hands and/or elbows are on the floor.

The spanker can spank with one or both hands, or with a short implement such as a hairbrush.

The bongo position is mentioned, for example, in the spanking novel The Old Rectory, where the author likened it to "bongo drumming".

How to get into[edit]

It is a little difficult to get into this position. One possible way is to start with the spankee sitting on the spanker's lap, with spread legs, facing away from the spanker. The spankee then lowers his/her body until he/she can touch the floor. At the same time, the spanker opens his/her knees to let the spankee's waist come in between. Finally, the spanker can pull the spankee into the proper pose.

Another possibility is to make the spankee go down on all fours on the floor in front of the spanker, facing forward. The spankee then crawls backwards and the spanker lifts the spankee's hips onto his/her lap.

Pros and cons[edit]

This position is not possible if the spankee's pants are pulled half-way down. Pants and underwear must be either in place or completely off.

The position is symmetric, which is unusual for a spanking position. The spanker has a good, frontal view of the spankee's bottom (and anus/genital region if the spankee is bare bottom). The spankee feels very exposed and 'on display' in this position. Both partners are, in a way, 'interlocked' in close but unusual body contact, with their genital regions at close range or touching - so the position may find use in erotic spanking, for example.

A disadvantage is that the spankee's hands must bear the weight of their upper body, and that the spankee's head can be low which is bad for circulation. Another risk that comes with this position is that if the spankee kicks his/her feet during the spanking, they can easily hit the spanker's head.

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