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1815 depiction of a canopied four-poster bed whose head and foot are stocks, probably imaginative.
Illustration by Dagy from the novel Confidences égarées (1932) by Liane de Lauris.

A bondage bed is a bed designed for bondage and BDSM play, usually by having convenient points of attachment for rope, straps, carabiners, cuffs or other bondage gadgets.

Bondage beds are found in BDSM-lover's private homes, in BDSM studios and in BDSM clubs' dungeons. In non-private places the mattress is often fitted with an easily cleanable plastic or latex cover for hygienic reasons. This is also useful at home for "messy" play such as with water, soap, lubricants, oil or wax.


Bondage beds come in various designs. A popular choice are four poster beds that are eithe based on historic (Renaissance, Victorian) or modern (steel frame) design. Four-poster bondage beds can have attachment points above the bed for more creative forms of bondage.

Most vanilla beds can be used quite successfully for bondage with little or no modification. Iron bed frames are particularly suited due to their inherent strength and large number of attachment points. As well as the high street bed retailers there are a number of BDSM equipment suppliers selling bondage beds. Most are designed to be installed in a normal bedroom and usually look quite innocent (if a little gothic) to the casual observer. It is also possible to get beds with cages built into the base of the bedframe where the submissive can be kept while the top sleeps above.

There are also "inflatable bondage beds" available on the market, which are basically big air mattresses and can be stored away when not in use.

Bondage beds vs. bondage tables[edit]

A bondage bed differs from a bondage table in that the latter is based on the design of a massage table, at table height, with a padded top and multiple fixing points around it.

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