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Photo from a vintage French spanking series.

A blackboard (British English) or chalkboard (American English) is an rectangular writing surface, usually black or dark green, that is used in schools as a surface for writing and drawing with chalk. It is basically a big version of a writing slate. Blackboards are usually either mounted on a wall or placed vertically on an easel, much like a painting.

Since the introduction of whiteboards, many blackboards have been replaced by whiteboards; however there are pros and cons for both blackboards and whiteboards.

In spanking art[edit]

Blackboards are frequently used props in spanking art, photos, and videos depicting school spanking scenes in a classroom setting. Early examples are the French aeiouy series and ZUT pour Madame series. See also School CP in erotic spanking art.

  • Blackboards are also used for 'writing lines' (covering the board with a single phrase or lesson learned) as a milder form of punishment.
  • The video Amber is Late to Study Hall (RealStrappings) demonstrates the humiliation of standing with one's nose touching the board before or after a caning or spanking (see photos).

Spanking videos[edit]

  • A Lesson From Miss Evans (SIT Spanking), photos
  • Alexa Punished For Chewing Gum (RealSpankings Institute), writing lines and leaning against board during her strapping, photos
  • Brandi Gets Caught Drawing (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi, (photos)
  • Mr. Daniels Applies The Ruler To Bailey's Bottom (Spanking Bailey), Bailey, includes nose-to-blackboard humiliation, photos


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