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A woman in a bikini top and belt-skirt (or skorts?).
Two girls, probably Japanese, wearing very short belt-skirts that show the entire panties.

A belt-skirt (for lack of a better name) is a form of short microskirt. Its hemline is about at the mid-buttocks or above. Belt-skirts are usually worn over pants, such as denim jeans, or over leggings or tights. They are so short that they resemble a fabric belt with a mere strip of skirt added.

Belt-skirts came up in the early 21st century. They are often pleated, decorated with frills, ruffles or lace, or entirely made of such decoration.

Like other microskirts, belt-skirts are also found associated with fetish clothing. They are also popular among adult models, erotic dancers, striptease artists, prostitutes and in other adult contexts. In erotic photography and videography, belt-skirts are also worn with nothing below, not even panties, revealing much without the banality of full nudity.


There are also garments that look like belt-skirts, but which actually have a kind of panties under the pleats that goes between the legs, making them technically a form of shorts (also known as skorts or culottes).

A further variant has much the same design as these, but is worn as a lingerie, made of soft, nightwear fabric.

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