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A bedroom (2006).

A bedroom is a room designed for sleeping in. In many cultures, when finance permits it, non-couples will have their own individual rooms, where a couple will share. As such even when the designated occupant does not own the house it is considered their private space, and referred to as their room. For children, the privacy of their room is normally also so considered with the exception of parental needs.

As bedrooms are often considered personal space, they will often contain more than just sleeping related furniture, but also any personal belongings or furniture for further private activities.

A lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room is called boudoir, a term (from French) largely used historically. The term boudoir has sensual/sexual connotations, as in the book titles La philosophie dans le boudoir and Birch in the Boudoir.

Child's room[edit]

A child's messy room

A child's room is the bedroom of a child, but also a place for them to play, keep their toys, do reading, writing, homework, computer and other activities.

Offenses in the bedroom[edit]

(Potentially spankable) offenses committed in the bedroom include:

  • troublemaking at bedtime, refusing to go to bed or not staying in bed as told
  • staying up past curfew
  • messy room, not cleaning it when told
  • damage done to room or objects/furniture in the room
  • being noisy or disruptive, playing loud music, etc.
  • forbidden activity such as masturbation, playing doctor, other naughty games, smoking, drinking, or drug abuse.
  • invasion of privacy of a sibling's bedroom.

Punishments in the bedroom[edit]

A child's room may also be a location for punishment, such as:

  • Sending a child to their room as a time-out, or a longer grounding. (Note: for longer periods this punishment can be harsh because of the restriction to a single room. For shorter durations it can be mild because all of their toys are in their bedrooms.)
  • This grounding can be further restricted to remaining in bed, as this will rule out playing with the said toys. In extreme cases, such bed restriction can put a potty trained child into diapers for the duration to deny even exceptions of using the restroom.
  • As a location for spanking (see below).
  • For punishments like early bedtime and bed without supper.

Bedrooms and spanking[edit]

Spanking of children[edit]

As a common concept of Praise in public, chastise in private; bedrooms work well for disciplinary spanking of a domestic flavor. Also they are ideal for domestic spankings because then the child feels safe in their own room.

A spanking in a bedroom will often make use of the bed somehow, e.g. for the spanker to sit on or for the spankee to lie across. Though it could use a desk chair or storytime chair instead.

A special spanking, the bedtime spanking, usually takes place in the bedroom because this spanking is given right before the child is tucked into bed.

Adult spanking[edit]

A woman paddles her husband in the bedroom.

Aside from the fact that a bed is convenient for many spanking positions, the private nature of the bedroom makes it ideal for erotic spankings, and convenient for sensual spankings.

In adult erotic spanking, the spankee can be tied to the bed (bondage). See also bondage bed. The bedroom is also an ideal location for lovemaking afterwards.

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