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Battledore and shuttlecock game

A battledore, also spelled battledoor, is a wooden paddle or racket used to strike a shuttlecock in play. The game, which was most popular in the 19th century, is called battledore and shuttlecock, or jeu de volant.

The game[edit]

Unlike badminton, which is also played with shuttlecocks, there is no net and the aim of the players is to keep the ball in the air, and not to score points by making it difficult for the other player within a confined field. A similar traditional game exists in Japan, called hanetsuki (羽根突き, 羽子突き), which is played with a wooden racket called hagoita (羽子板 「はごいた」).

Although the games of battledore and shuttlecock, or hanetsuki, are rarely played these days, hagoitas are still very popular e.g. for New Year and as anime fan articles. Battledores are harder to find.

The battledoor/hagoita[edit]

It resembles a beach tennis racket, but is smaller and more drop-shaped — more like a paddleball paddle, but heavier. The word battledoor can also refer to a child's hornbook, which is similarly shaped.

Hagoitas are more rectangular and are frequently painted or richly decorated.

A battledore can also be used as a "pervertible" spanking paddle. Due to its weight it can be thuddy and bruise relatively quickly.

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