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Note: This article is about a form of limited nudity. For other meanings, see bare.
Study of feet, drawing by Albrecht Dürer.
Photo of a bare foot.

Bare feet are feet without any shoes and uncovered by any clothing such as socks, stockings or tights. A person whose feet are in such a state is barefoot.

Bare feet can have various connotations such as:

Bare feet predominantly on women come with a high potential for fetishism and eroticism.

Bare feet and spanking[edit]

Many spankers like the spankee to be barefoot, while they are getting spanked or otherwise punished. This adds to the feeling of being helpless and vulnerable for the receiving person and is a common gesture of submission under attending people wearing shoes. Also there is a connection to the state of imprisonment, as many countries to this day keep their prisoners routinely barefoot. This was common practice in most western countries up until the 20th century, therefore imprisonment is often connected with bare feet in the common perception. Symbolic depicitions of prisoners frequently portray them in bare feet. Slaves in ancient cultures as well as modern age were also usually forced to remain barefoot.

Also some spankers like to be barefoot themselves because it makes them feel more comfortable and at the same time also more vulnerable, if they like to feel into the situation of their spankee.

Bare feet can be part in raising of children. For instance in school p.e. lessons bare feet were often required by teachers or parents. Often in winter it was cold in the school gyms. Forcing their pupils to go barefoot was also commonly used as a part of a punishment p.e. lesson. Discomfort was a important part of experience. The connection of receiving punishment and being in bare feet also stems from methods like this.

On the other hand, there are also some fetishists who like the spankee to wear, for example, high heels, even while they are otherwise naked. See for example the art of Carlo.

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