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A woman caned on her bare bottom. Vintage F/F spanking photo.

A bare bottom spanking is a spanking given on the bare bottom; that is, on the unclothed buttocks. The term is suggestive of a child spanking, or of an ageplay situation in which the spankee is in the role of a child. The term may be used in a purely adult setting, but it carries the connotations of childish punishment, and as such its use can be a form of humiliation. Depending on culture, as a child matures physically, the spanker might be expected to let them keep at least their underwear on in deference to modesty. Stripping the minor of their underwear and baring the bottom dramatically refutes any notion the child might have of being too old for a bare bottom spanking.


Many spankers believe that all serious spankings should be delivered on a bare bottom. There are several reasons for this:

  • It allows the spanker to see the state of the spankee's buttocks, and better judge when to stop or moderate the force of the spanking.
  • It increases the intensity by removing any protective effect of clothing.
  • It may increase the humiliation felt by the spankee.
  • It may increase the sense of intimacy between the spanker and the spankee.

Even with a consensual spanking between adults, any baring of the spankee's bottom is an absolutely pivotal moment in the proceedings. Our bottoms are generally kept private, but a bare bottom spanking sets all of that aside as the price to be paid for naughtiness. As well, the expression "safe and sound" is directly applicable to a bare bottom spanking. As mentioned already, being able to see the bottom enables the spanker to accurately monitor the spanking's true intensity. Particularly with a child, it's important to be able to judge any physical and/or vocal reactions on the basis of just how rosy and warm the buttocks are becoming. The potentially unsafe element of guesswork is removed.

And a bare bottom spanking's soundness (or thoroughness) is practically guaranteed. The upturned backside, in its natural naked state, actively promotes a generous distribution of smacks. The more measured and methodical the spanking, the more the bottom's peaks and valleys lend themselves to a determined (and yes, creative) application of hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, etc. And without question, the sting of a sound spanking on the bare bottom is bound to be uniquely memorable.

Methods and variants[edit]

For a bare bottom spanking, the spankee can either be completely nude (nude spanking), or only the bottom may be bared while the spankee remains otherwise more or less fully clothed.

Trousers and underpants, for example, can be taken off, or just pulled down to expose the spankee's bottom, or with females skirts can be raised and panties lowered. If the spankee is wearing panties or briefs, it is also possible to pull these into the crack between the buttocks in order to expose the bottom. A spanking in which the spankee is totally nude, and the connotations of the nudity are more erotic than otherwise, might be more likely referred to as a "nude spanking" than a "bare bottom spanking".

In adult spanking, it is not uncommon for a spanking to start over the spankee's clothing, and proceed, possibly in stages, to a bare bottom spanking. But whether the bottom is gradually exposed or laid bare from the outset, its nakedness epitomizes the fundamental elements of dominance and submission inherent in any spanking. In the case of a child being spanked, children naturally feel a sense of accomplishment when they've learned to dress themselves. Particularly if the parent who oversaw that development (typically the mother) is now the one pulling down their pants to spank them, the child's sorriness and sense of shame figures to be that much more keenly felt.