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Two padded bar stools without back rests.

A bar stool, also spelled barstool, is a kind of stool or chair that is high enough to sit at a bar (the height of a barstool is about the height of a normal table). When sitting on a bar stool, one's feet can not reach the ground, which is why bar stools are usually equipped with a footrest.


Bar stools are commonly made of wood, rattan, or metal, and can have a short back rest, or no back rest.

The seat of a bar stool can be a hard surface (flat or slightly concave) or padded for more comfort. A so-called saddle bar stool has a seat shaped like a saddle (concave in one direction and convex in the other).

Bar stools in spanking[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #5

Bar stools (preferably padded ones without a back rest) are popular for adult spanking, the spankee being laid over the seat of the bar stool (see bent-over-object position). The spankee's feet will be just touching the ground, or off the ground. The spankee's hands can hold onto the bar stool's legs or footrest for support. A bar stool positions the spankee's bottom at a more convenient height for spanking (if the spanker is standing) than a regular chair or stool.

If the bar stool is unpadded, a cushion or something similar can be used as padding. When a bar stool is well-padded, the position is comfortable enough for a lenghty spanking session.

For bondage, the spankee can also be restrained in the "over bar stool" position. Possible fixation points are the spankee's wrists, legs, ankles, and waist.

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